Breakfast Belle, Sweet & Sassy, Hot Sauce

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is known to turn non hot sauce believers into forever customers and fans.

BREAKFAST BELLE HOT SAUCE is far from any other hot sauce because it has a hint of sweetness to it. As soon as you open it you unlock and smell a delightful smoky aroma of hickory and blast of molasses along with hints of garlic and aged cayenne pepper. Unlike traditional hot sauces, BREAKFAST BELLE HOT SAUCE has a slight sweetness & smoke flavor which helps cut the zing of the vinegar found in most hot sauces. It’s then followed up with a mild kick of southern sass and heat that is sure to please any palette.

BREAKFAST BELLE HOT SAUCE can be used on almost anything! It’s especially great on fried chicken or seafood after frying it in our BAMMA CHICKEN FRY BAMMA OR FISH FRY, Seasoned Cornmeal Breading.


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